Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Trampled by Fans in Paris

Kim Kardashian crushed by overzealous fans in Paris for fashion week and husband Kanye West is powerless to help.

It's not all fun and games in Paris for Kim and Kanye!
The couple caused utter chaos at the Balmain show runway show tonight in Paris, with more than 200 people rushing a small room to be close to the American super-star couple.
Kim got shoved to the ground and trampled, according to our videographer: "Kim fell down and got crushed. Her bodyguard had to help her up and fended off fans."
The uber-pair were supposed to be celebrating with Kim's half-sister Kendall who walking the show, but before the young Jenner left the runway, all hell broke lose.
First, Kim and Kanye couldn't even drive a couple blocks down the street from their hotel to the show -- it took 45 minutes because fans were blocking the road! Once the couple arrived and entered the Royal Monceau hotel where the show was to take place, fans started pushing and rushing the building. Tables were overturned, bottles upon bottles of Champagne were broken and glasses crashed to the floor. Only two bodyguards had been hired to monitor what was supposed to be a small, VIP-only event, but it turned into a huge mess!

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping the headlines said she died.

Unknown said...

bwaaaa loves it she prolly hired this dumbass to do this they are both trash

zeeedeee said...

The tramp got trampled?..oh ok..this does sound like something she would concoct to get the attention away from her sister but it just got outta hand..whatever tho she ain't dead

Anonymous said...

Kaye was not trying to help his wife.

Anonymous said...

All I need are rotten eggs

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