Friday, September 26, 2014

On The Run Tour HBO Special Ratings Disaster

The BeyHive was missing in action Saturday night snubbing Jay Z and Beyonce's HBO On the Run Tour special.
Big Bang Theory Beats Out On The Run in Ratings!
Jay Z and Beyonce’s HBO On The Run Special Was A Ratings Flop since Big Bang Theory Beat Out On The Run in Ratings!
According to TV by the Numbers less than 900k people tuned in Saturday night to watch the HBO One the Run Tour special staring Jay Z and Beyonce.
Making matters worse the much hyped special failed to even make the top 20 cable shows for the night.
Moreover, the HBO special, featuring 40 songs, was taped during the couple’s Stade de Francestop on September 12 and 13. These performances in France were the tour’s only international stops.
Although the airing didn’t grab viewers’ attention, there were two takeaways that had everyone talking. There were never before seen images of a topless and pregnant Beyonce with hubby Jay Z holding her. Then there is the beyond cute footage of Jay Z doing pushups with baby Blue Ivy.
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Sunni said...

The ratings were poor because there is only so much twerking in booty shorts and thongs that the people can take. The entire first 45 minutes was strip show of subpar choreography. No one care that she is still trying to convince some people that she was actually pregnant with blue. As Matthew "Spread My Seed" Knowles said it was a jedi mind trick and they got all those poor fans money. Now would be a good time for her to have another baby and fall off for a few months. The people need time to miss her.

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd just disappear completely. We need something new

Anonymous said...

Everybody that could afford it actually ATTENDED the concerts, so why watch it on HBO?

Anonymous said...

^^^Awwwww, kill that shit. I own concert DVDs for some of my favorite performers and watch them frequently, AFTER attending the concerts. I'm not a super fan, but I was hyped about seeing the concert on HBO. The shit was truly boring and I found it to be 90 minutes too long.

zeeedeee said...

I watched and I have to say that her performance lacked the vigor and energy that she once had..the footage of blue was adorable though..probably the best part

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