Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mark Walberg Skips Brother's Wedding to Jenny McCarthy

Mark Walberg skips brother Donnie's wedding to Jenny McCarthy because he can't stand the bride.

If you're looking for Mark Wahlberg this weekend, don't go to Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's wedding -- TMZ has learned he won't be there, and we're told it's because he and his wife aren't fans of the bride.
According to multiple Wahlberg sources, Mark is not as close with Donnie and Jenny as Jenny has made it seem. Or at least, not with Jenny. We're told Mark's wife Rhea did not like a recent interview Jenny gave with Howard Stern where she talked about her relationship with Mark.
We're told brother Bobby won't be at the NYC wedding either ... and ditto for mama W, but that's because she doesn't fly.
We contacted Mark, and one of his reps told us he wasn't attending because he needs to be at a birthday party for his daughter Ella today in L.A. Her 11th b-day is actually Tuesday, but Mark will be filming that day in Boston.
Our sources say there's absolutely bad blood with Jenny.
For what it's worth ... brother Paul will be in attendance. More cake for him.
Jacked from TMZ


Anonymous said...

a future spouse causing a rift within a tightknit family. we all know what happens next...

SheDoesntLoveHim said...

Wow all for publicity. Is it really live there?

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