Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Redfoo Hit in the Face by Sydney Rogue

Rocker Redfoo hit in the face with a glass by a club goer in Sydney, Australia.

The shocking moment X Factor judge and rock star Redfoo was glassed in the face by a 'jealous' thug as he partied with girls in the roped-off VIP section of a Sydney hotel
• Pop singer Redfoo left 'bleeding from the head' after man, 21, allegedly threw a glass at him at a Sydney pub around 12:45am last night
• The X Factor judge said alleged attacker 'blew him a kiss' and taunted him afterwards
• Witnesses describe scenes of chaos at Sydney pub last night as security 'swarms' alleged attacker
• Redfoo said he did not know his attacker: 'I have no clue on why you could do such a thing, I can only think of the word jealousy'
• A 21-year-old man was arrested and charged with malicious wounding
Jacked from The Daily Mail


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