Monday, September 1, 2014

New Sex Abuse Claims Against Bryan Singer

Horrific new sex abuse claims emerge against X-Men director Bryan Singer.
X-men Director Bryan Singer allegedly drugged and sodomized a young Virginia man in a Manhattan hotel room last year, The Post has exclusively learned.
The 21-year-old victim told cops that he met Singer and several friends in XL Nightclub on West 42 Street near 10th Avenue around 10:30 pm on March 22, sources said.
He told police that he hung out and drank with the Hollywood honcho all night, sources said.
At some point, the victim told cops, Singer and company drugged him by forcing an orange drink down his throat, according to the sources.
Singer, who has also produced and directed The Usual Suspects and Superman Returns, then allegedly escorted the victim back to his hotel room.
Law enforcement sources said the victim was so out of it that he couldn’t remember the name of his hotel.
Once inside the room, Singer allegedly pinned him face down to the bed, climbed on top of him and sodomized him.
The victim told cops he then returned to Virginia without filing a complaint at first, sources said. He waited until May 9 of this year to report the alleged attack to the 10th Precinct in Chelsea, sources say. It was unclear why he waited so long.
The NYPD does not expect to charge the famed director due to a lack of evidence, sources said. Singer was the subject of two civil suits alleging sexual abuse of underage boys earlier this year, but both have since been dropped.
The first accuser, Michael Egan, filed his suit in April in Honolulu, Hawaii, claiming that Singer had drugged and sexually assaulted him, when Egan was 17 in 1999.
But Egan dropped the suit after he gave conflicting accounts and had a falling out with his attorney.
Then, in May, Singer was slapped with a second lawsuit by a British actor, who made similar sex assault claims. But the young man decided to drop the suit in July.
Singer has vigorously defended himself against both suits.
His attorney, Marty Singer (no relation), dismissed the latest allegations against the Hollywood heavyweight as yet another attempt to destroy his reputation.
“Number one, we were never contacted by the NYPD or by the alleged victim or another person on behalf of the victim,” the lawyer told The Post. “This is a well calculated and choreographed attempt to keep this smear attempt in motion.”
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Brian like most hollywood executives are into strange doings with children. Oh and it doesn't stop in Hollywood but ends in high places.

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Just look at his face

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Horrific new sex abuse claims emerge against X-Factor director Bryan Singer.

I think you meant "X-Men", Gossipjacker.

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Beady eyed lizard child fuckboy is what he's need to stop tryna hang out with this fool

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