Monday, September 1, 2014

Riff Raff Slams Sam Smith

Riff Raff Slams Sam Smith for cropping him out of a picture with Katy Perry at the VMA Awards.
For most of us, taking a picture with Riff Raff would be a dream come true. Most of us, that is, except Sam Smith.
Fuse notes that at the VMAs last week, Smith had a photo taken of him posing with rising pop star Charli XCX, featuring Katy Perry on the side making a goofy face. We can only imagine what Perry’s date Riff Raff was doing in the picture, because we can’t see him!
In the photo Smith posted on Instagram, Riff Raff is cut out of the image except for his knee and a couple fingers with what looks like a ring with a seahorse on it.
Riff Raff did not take too kindly to this, responding via tweet: “THANKS FOR CUTTiNG ME OUT OF THE PiCTURE U CHUBBY LiTTLE F*** FACTORY.”
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Anonymous said...

I don't know any of these people except Katy Monkey Poop Perry.

Anonymous said...

Who and Who?

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