Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rob Kardashian Tweets About Mystery Baby Mama

Rob Kardashain continues to Tweet about his mystery baby mama and son.

Rob Kardashian baby mystery: star fuels rumours with new 'baby mamma' tweet
Has he, or hasn't he? Rob Kardashian has got fans talking again by posting another tweetsuggesting he has a son.
In the early hours of Thursday morning, the 27-year-old told his five million followers: "Was with my baby mamma tonight."
It comes just four days after Rob posted, and then quickly deleted, another message referring to his child.
"I'm about to go pick up my son from the port and can't wait to watch a great movie with his, suggestions anyone?? He's 6," he wrote.
Speculation that Rob had become a father first began in June, when he wrote a message that read, "And to my baby mama, I loveeeeeee you."
Then in July, the reality star tweeted that he was looking forward to spending Independence Day with his "little man".
"Happy I got my son with me for the 4th tomorrow!! Can't wait to watch fireworks with my little man ! Hope everyone is safe! X," he wrote.
But hours later, the message had been removed, with Rob claiming it had been a joke.
"Those who know me know I play and I do NOT have a son," he said. "Y'all got my mama emailing me asking if I have a son lol goodness hahaha. GOODnight."
Rob's behaviour on social media has been somewhat erratic of late – in June, he wrote, "no-one will ever understands how much this hurts", before unfollowing everyone except his mum Kris Jenner and sister Kylie.
That same month, Kris admitted that her son was "struggling with some stuff".
"Rob is living in LA right now, he is doing well, finding out what makes him tick," she told E! News. "He is struggling with some stuff but my job is to be there for him and love him as hard as I can.
"Everyone goes through stuff and we get through each other's adversity one year at a time."
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Rob nobody cares about your socks. Put out a porno with Lamar

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this child is proof that fame without talent can make you crazy!!
listen up kylie

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