Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chrissy Teigen Slams Ariana Grande

Model Chrissy Teigen slams singer Ariana Grande is immediately attacked by Ariana's fans.

Talk about harsh. Chrissy Teigen apparently didn’t like Ariana Grande’s ‘SNL’ debut on Sept. 27 — she took to Twitter to call out someone in cat ears . . . and it sounds like she was talking to the ‘Problem’ singer.
While we absolutely loved Ariana Grande‘s performance (and skit) on Saturday Night Live, not everyone was a fan.
Chrissy apparently watched the performance on Monday. She tweeted:

During Ariana’s performance of “Break Free” and “Love Me Harder” during SNL, she wore her hair in a perfect updo, and wore a cat-ear headband.
Chrissy immediately got attacked on social media by Ariana fans who clearly picked up the fact that she was dissing the singer. An hour later, she tweeted a response to those tweets:
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Anonymous said...

not an ariana fan, but christopher is one hateful bitch. he must not be taking his hormone pills as directed.

Anonymous said...

Octagon face has nerve to talk about the bobblehead screeching midget (or anyone else for that matter).

Anonymous said...

Not a huge fan of Chrissy nor Ariana, but I've seen some of Chrissys tweets. She does a lot of joking around in a sarcastic way. Some ppl cannot take a joke.

Anonymous said...

both of these attention whores need to stfu Obvious Ariana has gone through some extensive kitten programming. Now they got her wearing cat ears and shit. I'm sure she's gotten quite a few industry pedos off. That's why she's a coke head and acting crazy every where she goes.

zeeedeee said...

THIS time Chrissy T got it right!..i can't stomach Ariana or her music!

Anonymous said...

@11:34... you read my mind. Ariana has begun her programming hence the rhinestone outfit at the MTV awards (presidential model) and the ears are definitely Beta sex kitten programming.

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