Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nicki Minaj to Host UK MTV Awards

Nicki Minaj tapped to host the MTV EMAs in Glasgow, Scotland.

Why has no one asked King Minaj to host an awards show yet? And why did it take Euro MTV to do it, when she is clearly an American national treasure?
She's a drama kid, for chrissakes. Did anyone even host the Stateside VMAs? Was it LL Cool J again? Cannot even remember because the obviousness of this choice has provoked an acute case of face blindness. Minaj announced the news on Instagram today, accompanied by a photograph of her likeness in its natural state, with a crown, on a throne. 
The MTV EMAs will take place on November 9 in Glasgow, Scotland, where she will assume her rightful place as the queen of the world, or awards shows.
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Anonymous said...

How appropriate. Her british/scotish personality should come out to play. And bring Roman too. Keep all them bitches there.

national treasure my ass.....

zeeedeee said...

I get the theme and all but whatever is going on in that pic above her is creeping me out

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