Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jessica Alba's Daughters Face Racial Identity Issues

Jessica Alba suspects her daughters will have complicated racial identity issues because both she and her husband are mixed race with three different nationalities.

Jessica Alba feels Latina thanks to her father’s Mexican roots, but she knows that topics of race and identity won’t be so clear cut for her children.
The “Sin City” star is the face of Glam Belleza Latina’s Fall issue and spoke to the magazine about her heritage and why race becomes a more complicated for her daughters’ generation.
When the topic of identity comes up, the actress has never hesitated to side with her Latina roots -- something she says won’t be so simple for daughters Honor, 6, and Haven, 2.
“It’s always been the same. I’ve always felt closer to being a Latina than anything else, because I grew up with my dad’s family, who are Mexican American,” Alba told Glam. 
“I never really identified any other way. But I think that today it’s less and less about having to identify with one race and holding on to that completely. I mean, my kids are African American and Caucasian on their dad’s side, and Latino and Caucasian on my side.”
“People just look at themselves as humans,” the star continued. “It’s more about who they want to be. They think, do I want to be a president? Or do I want to be an entrepreneur? Or do I want to be in fashion? Or do I want to be in banking? Everybody’s much more open, especially the newer generation, and [they] identify with someone’s strengths and who they are inside.”
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