Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim a Bad Mom

Kourtney Kardashian slams sister Kim Kardashian's parenting skills.

Kourtney Kardashian is slamming the way her little sister Kim Kardashian is raising North West — her 1-year-old daughter with rapper Kanye West —behind her back!
“They have opposite parenting styles. Kourtney is very hands-on and all about doing kid things with her kids, not adult things,” a family friend told In Touch.
“She thinks Kim parading North around is terrible,” continues the source. “Kourtney would never bring her kid into a paparazzi storm like Paris Fashion Week or sit front row at a fashion show with her kids.”
As has reported, Kim, 33, went as far as recently getting her tyke a stylist to keep her decked out in the latest fashions.
“Kim has hired North West her own personal tailor whose sole job is to make mini versions of Kim’s designer outfits and ensure that they always coordinate,” a source told Grazia magazine.
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Anonymous said...

kourtney the only sister who stayed away from black dick. i wonder why.

Sunni said...

Well if Kourtney says she's a bad mom, I'll believe it. We know how Kourtney is with her kids and she appears to be attentive and hands on. We saw Kim dress her baby as a Jr. Thot and leave her in the hotel all in the same week.

Anonymous said...

Mad cause she don't have that life. Stop hating not cute!

Anonymous said...

There was an episode of KUWTK and it was reveal that Kourtney named Khloe her kids legal guaridian in the event of her death and Kim was livid. I think always knew that Kim would be a bad mom.

Anonymous said...

Kourtney this woman who birthed you is no longer your mother. She is your Madame/Pimp.

The End

zeeedeee said...

Kourtney knows firsthand how self absorbed and self centered her hoe sister is and those are NOT good motherly qualities

Anonymous said...

Kim is only into the shallow things in life I agree with her North should not have been at fashion week and Kayne needs to man up someone needs to protect the child, shit Kim could have left her with her mother or sisters its not like she doesn't have options.

Anonymous said...

Plus North never looks happy as a child her age she looks tramatized.

Anonymous said...

Umm Kourtney has had PLENTY of BLACK dick. Kourtney
just couldn't find one that she could control. She likes to be the DICK in the relationship. Lol. Just look at Scott. Lmbo

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