Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Snoop Dogg Insults Iggy Azalea

Rapper Snoop Dogg drags Australian rapper Iggy Azalea in a bizarre on-line feud.

Jeez! Looks like Snoop Dogg isn't ready to extend the olive branch to Iggy Azalea just yet. After igniting a feud on Monday, Oct. 13, by mocking the "Fancy" singer's makeup-free photos, the "Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper continued to bully Azalea via social media.
In an Instagram posted on Tuesday, Oct. 14, Snoop shared a photo of himself with a blonde wig and the words: "Snoop Dogg & Iggy Azalea Beef!?" He called out the Australian rapper in his caption, writing: "So says Todd cool out lil sis he was only jokin Sike. U b---h u !!"
Snoop didn't stop there; he then posted another meme-like image of Azalea next to Marlon Wayans' character in White Chicks, which read: "So we just gonna ignore the fact that Iggy look like Marlon from White Chicks."
"Ok last one. Hahahahaha I didn't make this s--t up I jus post smoke n chill Hahahahahahah. So says Todd," Snoop captioned the side-by-side image.
Azalea initially called out the rapper on Twitter after Snoop's first attack on Monday, tweeting and then deleting a series of posts which included: "Every time I've ever spoken to you you've always been nice as hell, I'm disappointed you'd be such an ass for no reason."
On Tuesday, the American Music Award nominee tweeted again in reference to Snoop's post, alluding to that fact that Snoop has daughters himself; "fathers love your daughters…don't want her growing up believing she can't speak her mind without being called a b---h for it."
fathers love your daughters ;-)
— IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) October 14, 2014
don't want her growing up believing she can't speak her mind without being called a bitch for it. — IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) October 14, 2014
Moments later, Azalea again deleted the tweets only to then post an image of Snoop which read: "When your drug addict aunt gets clean," with the caption: "Glass Houses @snoopdogg Im a 'b---h' because i called u out for being a secret fan? Grow up & god bless."
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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Snoop approached Iggy for sex and she turned him down, and that's why he's going after her.

Anonymous said...

Snoop got jokes, bet TI won't be running up in this twitter beef.

NBA is fixed said...

This sounds similar to what Kanye did to Taylor Swift. Swift's career blew up. Don't forget, Ugly Azaela is up for several American Music Awards. The Hollywood mafia probably told Snoop to do this to gain sympathy and promote a talentless cave bitch! Remember the song from Public Enemy Who Stole The Soul? Burn Hollywood Burn!

Anonymous said...

He's so fugly he has no place insulting others

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Fuck both these dusty ugly ass hoes, Snoop got his black pass revoked a long time ago. so he can have a seat next to the no talent albino kangaroo who got a ghost rapper and writer. and Ti punk ass don't have the approval of the collective to be handing out black passes to this ho, ain't nobody signed off on that and we don't give those out anymore!!! after Bill Clinton no more black passes to yt folks.

WTF???!!!!! said...

He should've never apologized and now he looks incredibly stupid....b/c the media has spinned it in her favor. Yea, he was being sarcastic, but that's not how it's being portrayed. I used to like his music back in the day, but he's just a piece of shit too. Being a pimp, b/c he wanted the experience....since it was a fantasy of his. Said he let the women keep the money. Like that makes a difference. Smoking dope with his son and selling out to whomever to make a buck. He gets a permanent side eye and I'm done with him.

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