Monday, November 10, 2014

Amanda Bynes Caught Sleeping in the Mall

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes caught sleeping in the mall after claiming homelessness.

After wandering around homeless, Amanda Bynes is in desperate straits ... with no place of her own to live ... Amanda crashed on a sofa in the middle of The Beverly Center in Los Angeles.
We got these pics of Amanda out like a light Thursday morning in the middle of the mega-mall.
It's incredibly sad ... Amanda's parents are moving to Texas and ending their conservatorship over her ... because they're just not equipped to convince their daughter she needs meds and doctors so she can survive.
Amanda was crashing with friends last week, but she's been wandering around the West Hollywood area with no place to go.
She's getting $50 to $100 bucks a day, but it's not enough for her to get a place of her own. She's been staying with friends, but didn't go back to their place last night.
Amanda is complaining she doesn't have enough money to even get a hotel room for a night.
Jacked from TMZ

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