Monday, November 10, 2014

Matt Damon Jokes About Seeing Ben Affleck's Peen

Matt Damon admits he's seen Ben Affleck's peen many times.

While the whole world may have been shocked to see Ben Affleck in the buff in "Gone Girl," there was one person who wasn't too fazed.
Affleck's friend and frequent collaborator Matt Damon was approached by TMZ recently and asked if he saw Affleck's penis in the already-infamous "Gone Girl" shower scene. "Oh, I've seen it many times before [Gone Girl]," Damon told the paparazzi.
Damon has been asked about Affleck's penis before, in an interview with MTV from 2011. At that time Damon said he never saw it, but joked that maybe, just maybe, he had held it.
The two actors were recently see together on the red carpet for "Project Greenlight,"apparently cracking jokes. We wonder if they were discussing the "Gone Girl" shower scene.
Jacked from Huffington Post  

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Its Miss Cunt to you hoes said...

Yes we know you two boned, Ben is looking very FILF of late, I always like Ben and loved him in Dare Devil and Dogma as the bad ass angel. of course he's made some better movies but those two were my favorite, as for Matt he was hot in the Jason Bourne series, then his ass started looking crazy of late. he looks like someone threw some roots on his ass. I think he's had spiritual work done against him, something about his demeanor and aura changed. he was never hot but now he just looks kind of crazy.

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