Friday, November 14, 2014

Beyonce Deletes Photoshopped Pics?

Did Beyonce delete photos from her Tumblr page after photoshop accusations?

Beyonce appears to have deleted pictures that fans accused her of photoshopping.
The Bootylicious beauty came under fire this week when eagle-eyed fans spotted distortions in a shot where she posed in a skimpy leotard emblazoned with the words '99 problems but my a** ain't one'.
Now, the pic has gone from her official Tumblr page just days after it first appeared.
The curtains in the background of the shot clearly appear distorted in that area, while they hang straight elsewhere.
One Twitter user wrote: "Beyonce is caught using Photoshop AGAIN! quit lying. Your thighs touch. You got cellute. You're normal. #Duh."
Another even more scathing user said: "Damn it, Beyonce don't make a million on songs about feminism & the illusion of perfection then shop every GD photo."
It's not the first time Jay Z's missus has been called out for appearing to alter her pics. Back in September the Irreplaceable hitmaker posted some sexy snaps as she relaxed on a private yacht.
In one shot, a beaming bikini-clad Beyonce can be seen walking down a set of stairs, but on closer inspection the stairs just around her thighs appear distorted.
One fan said: "Questionable thigh gap there, Bey."
Another said: "Notice the photoshop error with the stairs between her legs!"
We have contacted Beyonce's reps for comment.
Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

She thinks most people are as dumb as she and her stans are. That swimsuit, by the way, is actually a T shirt.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why is she even photoshopping? The before and after pics look the same

Anonymous said...

This idiot really needs to grow up

Anonymous said...

She is totally insecure and doesn't appreciate her own beauty.

Anonymous said...

^^^She's insecure because her whole personality and self esteem are based on her physical appearance, which fades as we get older. Like many older "stars", she's trying to hold on to her youth longer than Mother Nature intended.

WTF???!!!!! said...

Bitch is really pathetic and vain as hell! Her self esteem is in the toilet and she's rocking back and forth in a drug induced haze trying to deal with all the shit she's done, to get where she is. Beyfraud is so paranoid someone's gonna find out her real age and it's not 34....that she constantly photoshops anything she deems an imperfection, that makes her appear less than youthful. All it does is bring unwanted attention and she's really dumber than a box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see the point of photoshop. I think she looks stunning regardless. But hey that's her body dysmorphia issue.

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