Friday, November 14, 2014

Kendall Jenner Turns Down Victoria's Secret

Kendall Jenner choses to walk for Chanel over Victoria's Secret after both shows are scheduled on same night.

Chicken or fish? Window or aisle?Kendall Jenner is not making such plebeian choices. Instead, it's "Chanelpre-fall extravaganza at an Austrian castle" or Victoria's Secret show in London?" for her. (The events are on the same night. Awkward!) The New York Post's "Threads" column quotes a source saying that both Jenner andCara Delevingne have opted for double C's over angel wings. Perhaps it was the choice of strudel versus steak and kidney pie that swayed them?
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Anonymous said...

VS is more class anyway. They won't be missed and are very trahsy.

Anonymous said...

Why would you agree and book both shows she needs to learn some professionalism because next year Chanel might not want her but now she has burned her bridge with VS.

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