Monday, November 17, 2014

Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Her Rivals

Iggy Azalea doesn't hold back firing on her rivals in her new single 'Heavy is the Crown.'

This Heavy Crown... It comes & goes around, & when it's time i'll pass it Proud!!...... BUT BITCH I GOT IT NOW!
Iggy Azalea seems pissed off on her new song ‘Heavy Crown’ with British pop singer Ellie Goulding.
On it, the polarizing Aussie rapper seems to spit a verse towards her naysayers, and depending on how you listen to it, you might even say she’s talking to Rah Digga, as she made a couple of critical comments about Iggy a few months back.
“So keep it cute chick, and don’t be hating on a new chick / Go back and check your stats and bet they let you know I do’s this / Basis full or empty depends on your point of view chick / If you was mad before I bet you hate me for this new s—,” she spits, in almost the exact same cadence as her mentor T.I.

Jacked from The Boom Box


Anonymous said...

If anybody ever had doubts that TI writes all of her stuff, that should be cleared up after this. This is nothing more than recycled TI

Anonymous said...

Pure garbage

Anonymous said...

*smh* Man, this bish really let the success of 'Fancy' get to her lacefront-wearing head. Has 'The New Tragedy' even gone gold yet? And if Rah Digga claps back at her, you KNOW her rat-faced albino-looking ass gonna run crying to T.I. to make her stop, like she did with Snoop Dogg. She's too much of a thin-skinned coward to make a full-fledged diss track, 'cause she know she gonna get that silicone stomped outta her ass.

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