Monday, November 17, 2014

The Beygency Attack Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner dragged for blood and bone by The Beygency after trying to horn in on Solange Knowles wedding shine.

In case you somehow missed BeyoncĂ©’s sister breaking the internet with her clothes on last night, here’s the TD;LR: Solange got married, everyone wore white, everyone looked SPECTACULAR.
Even the Kardashian fam looked perfectly puritan chic in their matching ivory ensembles — although they weren’t actually invited to the wedding. Awkward.
After Queen Bey posted a photo to Instagram of the Knowles clan killing it in matchy chalky dressy and suits, it took momma Kris less than four hours to upload a similar photo of America’s rival royal family. And the Beyhive has definitely taken note of the fact that white is not the Kardashians’ signature hue.
One thing’s for sure — if the Beygency isn’t real, the thirst definitely is.
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NBA is fixed said...

I have an idea, how about all black urban blogs stop publishing stories of the KKK sluts. I know that's not going to happen because most of the black urban blogs are white owned! Also I suspect that all of the white owned black urban blogs are on Kris Jenner's payroll.

Anonymous said...

NBA... I hear ya! But it is never going to happen because the KKK all want black d**k. Kris is on her knees on the regular because we cant seem to escape their terrorism of the American society.

Anonymous said...

They are all coven witches so it doesn't matter, they are in bed together... but the public see's rivals.

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