Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kim and Kanye Fighting Over North West?

Insiders claim Kanye West is planning a big move to Paris with his daughter North West, with or without his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West is moving on – and could be leaving Kim Kardashian in his wake!
The rapper is planning on making a full-time relocation to Paris early next year, In Touch is reporting. But the “Stronger” performer allegedly wants to take daughter North with him, even if it means leaving his wife behind in the states.
The reality star and West have been feuding for a while, the magazine claims, and the couple allegedly had ablow out fight right before her wild birthday party at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas.
“While they were getting ready, Kanye calmly told Kim that he was planning on making a move to Paris…and he was going to do it with or without her,” an insider tells the magazine. “It was like a sucker punch to the back of her head.”
According to the insider, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star didn’t take too kindly to the news. “She screamed back that there was no way in hell he was taking North, then ran out of the room sobbing.”
But if this 5-month marriage shouldn’t work out, it will be Kardashian’s third failed union. The insider tells In Touch that even though the humiliation used to bother her, she has since gotten over it.
“The ruse stopped that night,” the source said. “She’s finally done with The Kanye Show – a divorce and custody battle are imminent.”
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Anonymous said...

Please! Kim is so money/fame hungry they probably signed a prenupt where he could spend time with Riccardo as much as he wants as long as Kim is the beard and North is her next protege. SInce Kylie cant even finish high school and only worries about being g'd out or having enough "lip" liner; their agreement is probably written in blood. The marriage is fake and both will make SURE their little bundle of cuteness will have enough time to make that marketing money on both sides of the pond. (Kris will be cut out tho.) Unless North wakes up around 14 and realizes both her parents are krazy, kontrol, kardashian obesessed freaks who have nothing better to do than blow up her ear about what surgery she should get and how to be the next porn star. Lets all pray that North realizes one day she can karve her own path just find without the kardashian krew and kkk klan.

Anonymous said...

He can't take North without her permission she has to sign documents for that, shoot Hallie couldn't even take Nalha to Paris without her father permission and they weren't even married.

Anonymous said...

Kanye is probably going to have Kim proven unfit because according to recent rumours even Kourtney, Kim's own sister said she is unfit and Kim did forget North in a hotel because she was too busy with the paps. Kanye is going to make K-Fed and Hallie babydaddies look like amatuers when he rips that child away from her.

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