Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tautum O'Neal and John McEnroe Son Catches a Break in Fake Drug Case

Tautum O'Neal and John McEnroe's incarcerated son may catch a break after it is discovered that his drug dealer sold him fake drugs.

The dealer who allegedly dealt drugs to TAUTM O’NEAL and John McEnroe son has had his charges reduced after lab reveals the “cocaine” was really baking soda.
As the ENQUIRER previously reported Kevin McEnroe, 27, was collared by cops after an exchange by Kevin and his alleged dealer went down on a shady street corner on Manhattan’s once-notorious Lower East Side.
The bust had happened just blocks where mom Tatum O’Neal was arrested in 2008 scoring crack cocaine from a dealer.
In a shocking twist, Manhattan District Attorney’s office has reduced charges against Niro Meneses, 22, after forensic analysis revealed the six bags of “cocaine” he sold were nothing more than white baking soda.
Menesses now faces misdemeanor possession and sale of a fake controlled substance, prosecutors announced in Manhattan Criminal Court.
According to court papers, cops allegedly found cocaine on Menesses.
And on McEnroe, legal docs say, “cocaine” and prescription pills - including oxycodone and morphine pills. Insiders suspect McEnroe’s charges may also be revised in light of this new evidence.
Jacked from The National Enquirer  

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