Friday, November 14, 2014

Nicole Scherzinger Sabotages Endorsement Deal

Singer Nicole Scherzinger sabotages her endorsement deal with Müller yogert by Instagramming herself buying a rival brand.
NICOLE Scherzinger risked losing her big-money yoghurt ad deal by posting pictures of herself buying a rival brand. The singer, 36, has been in four ads since joining Müller last year.
But she has now shared with 9.5million web fans snaps of her and boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, 29, buying Total yoghurts at a London Waitrose.
A pal said: “Nicole’s never been to Waitrose so Lewis took the lead.
“Not much thought went into choosing a yoghurt but it could have cost Nicole dearly.”
Müller declined to comment after Monday’s gaffe but said they would “make sure Nicole always has supplies” in future.
Jacked from The Sun  

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