Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Did Natalie Wood Catch Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken in Bed?

Shocking new claims about what REALLY happened the night Natalie Wood died in a boating accident off Catalina Island.

Natalie Wood caught her husband Robert Wagner in a passionate clinch in bed with Christopher Walken – moments before she plunged to a chilling death off the coast of California.
That’s the shocking claim uncovered in a blockbuster investigation that rips back the curtain on the shadowy sex secret kept hidden for 33 years – a sensational disclosure backed up by two witnesses and documentary evidence. Speaking exclusively to The National ENQUIRER, Robin Butillo, a Pennsylvania-based interior designer, claims a distraught Walken admitted to a close friend during a confessional phone call that he was in bed with Wagner in the hours before Natalie went overboard!
“I’ve never told what I know about Natalie Wood’s death, but I feel it’s time to come forward,” Robin said in a no-holds-barred interview. “This has haunted me for years.”
At the time of Natalie’s death, Robin was roommates with someone she describes as a “close friend” of Walken. They were watching television when they learned that Natalie had died following a boating incident off Catalina Island. “We couldn’t believe it, and my friend was deeply concerned about Chris’ welfare,” Robin said.
The desperately worried pair called Walken, now 71, and “what he revealed shocked the both of us,” she told The ENQUIRER.
“It was clear that Chris was devastated by the tragedy. He was upset and confessed that a ‘sex secret’ had occurred, leading up to Natalie’s death.”
Her scandalous revelation comes just days after the 33rd anniversary of the 1981 tragedy and could blow the reopened case wide open, providing a new theory as to why a distraught Natalie fled the couple’s 60-foot yacht “Splendour” – and in the process finally solve Tinseltown’s darkest mystery.
To support her sizzling claims, Robin freely signed a legal document – under the penalty of perjury – declaring: “Natalie had caught Walken and Robert Wagner in bed together on the boat they were all on.”
Although the source was not on the boat, and neither Wagner nor Walken would comment on the question that has reportedly haunted them for more than three decades, The ENQUIRER has further corroborated Robin’s claims!
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

Damn she was that tore up about her man in bed with another man, but here these women coming out that something happen when they were with Bill Cosby. This open my eyes to a lot of things back in those days.... It's not about what a person was doing but what a person was willing to do to be a part of Hollywood.

NBA is fixed said...

I have no doubt that those two guys murdered Natalie Wood. The justice system is protecting them. Ladies I advise you to not date Hollywood celebrities.

Anonymous said...

But we have known this shit for years. YEARS I say...

Anonymous said...

Say what you want, but the National Enquirer has excellent sources!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this said years ago though!???? I believe the know what happened to her. They did something. I read about this story so many times and their stories of what happened just never added up. I pray the truth will finally come out, but it seems they will be taking the truth, the real truth to their graves

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