Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jennifer Garner Wants Jennifer Lopez to Shut Up About Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner is sick of Jennifer Lopez talking about her romance with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Garner wants Jennifer Lopez to stop talking about her husband Ben Affleck.
The 'Butter' actress is reportedly furious with the 'Booty' hitmaker for sharing details of her ''heartbreaking'' split from the 'Gone Girl' star in 2005, just days before they were due to get married.
A source close to the former 'Alias' star said: ''She's absolutely p***ed that J. Lo has been discussing her relationship with Ben. Jen's livid that in almost every interview, she brings up how Ben was her first true love.'' Ben married Garner nine years ago and they now have three children together, Violet, eight, Seraphina, five, and Samuel, two.
The insider told Life & Style magazine: ''Jen thinks it's so disrespectful of J.Lo, especially because she and Ben have three kids and it's hurtful to them, too!''
The 'On The Floor' singer, who also wrote about their romance in her new book, 'True Love,' recently admitted she felt like her heart had been ''torn'' out of her chest after her split from Ben.
She said: ''I had breakups and things but I'd never felt heartbroken until we called off that wedding. It was devastating to me, maybe because it was so public.
''I really felt like I had found somebody great and he had found somebody great and we thought we could make it work.''
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Anonymous said...

J. Gar should have been checked J.ho ass years ago. Actually, Ben should have that bitch after he and his wife were first married with children. This is the case of men not properly end his prior relationship. Also, J.ho knows damn well if the shoe was on the other foot that she went all NY on Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

He had a longgggggggg history before he married JenG. JLo can tell whatever story she wants....those kids would have found out he had another Jennifer at some point or another. If anything - the retelling of the break up simply magnifies JenG's win.......why is she really mad? Maybe she's worried Ben will change his mind back.

Anonymous said...

Ben really downgraded when he married Jen Gar. Seriously, she is fug. I'm no Jho fan but come on.

Anonymous said...

I think she was the better choice for him because Jenn is all about Hollywood and that will not take care of a family.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that it was "true love" I think it was true opportunity. JLo is using her relationship with Ben now the same way she used it then, crossover mainstream appeal to open more Hollywood doors (Ben knew that and that is why he dumped her ass). Remember how she played Puff for the come up. JLo has not gotten the memo that it is not 2002 and her overrated "booty" is no longer on anyone's radar. If I was J. Gar I would relish in the fact that JLo is still d-riding my husband. I do believe that JLo and Ben do possibly still hook-up from time to time, but JLo wanted the ring and the kids from Ben, not just the D. She needed that Caucasian validation in Hollywood and is still hurt that that plan did not work, look at what she has stooped to, writing about 10 year old shit no one cares about. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jen G is ugly. Sure, she is not a classic beauty but she's far from ugly. More important, she seems to have a stronger character and a more humility than JLo.

Tippie Hippie said...

Jennifer Garner is pretty IMO and JLO should shut up - she needs to be talking about Casper DL azz not - Ben and I agree with above comment I do not think they were truly in love

Sunno said...

J.Lo is making a play at Mrs. Afflecks husband. Jen G. needs to check that bitch publicly just like J.Ho is reliving the past publicly.

Anonymous said...

J-ho is being very disrespectful. What pass is over, done finnish. Respect the mans family.

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