Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chrissy Teigen Hard Checks Actress Katie Cassidy

Model Chrissy Teigen defends sportscaster Erin Andrews after mean Tweets from actress Katie Cassidy.

It was as if Mean Girls was happening right before our very eyes.
Actress Katie Cassidy messed with the wrong sportscaster on Twitter when she criticized Erin Andrews' post-game interview with Richard Sherman after the Seattle/Green Bay game. She tweeted Sunday, "Seriously why isn't she doing her job?"
If only she had known that her tweet would launch 1,000 more against her. Chrissy Teigen quickly came to Andrews' defense, starting a Twitter battle for the ages. "JOB [noun] : the work a person does regularly to make money. alt: what @ErinAndrews has. 2nd alt: What you don't have. Bye!" she wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.
To be clear, Cassidy does in fact have a job. She has a recurring role on the hit CW series Arrow.
Teigen didn't stop there, and continued to slam the actress, writing, "Own it. I'll take you seriously when you don't simultaneously talk s--t and preach the gospel."
Cassidy kept her comments somewhat calm, cool and collected in the beginning and wrote back, "I've explained it...I apologize if anyone thought I was being a hater. Honestly, not. I was asking as a fan."
But it was a slippery slope from there. Cassidy then brought her A-game to the Twitter war, anddug right into Teigen and her career.
"Just to be clear, Your profile reads: 'Gold digger and Stuff'. You're asking me if I have a job? I'll send you a book. @chrissyteigen."
Andrews remained silent throughout the whole ordeal, but it's worth noting that the Fox Sports star is reportedly dating NHL player Jarret Stoll, who formerly dated Cassidy.
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I wish somebody would knock this pug-faced ladyboy right the fuck out. He/she spends too much time popping off on Twitter. Isn't this thing supposed to be a "model" of some sort? John's fame can't get it enough work to stay offline?

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