Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jamie Lynn Spears Knife Wielding Video Leaks

Video surfaces of Britney Spears little sister Jamie Lynn brandishing a knife to break up a fight in a sandwich shop.

We got the video -- Jamie Lynn Spears freaking out with a huge knife as she tries -- and succeeds -- in breaking up a sandwich shop melee
Britney Spears' kid sister is a sandwich shop vigilante ... who didn't hesitate to reach for the closest weapon when her girlfriend got into a brawl with another chick.
The violence broke out last weekend at the Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana -- Jamie Lynn Spears and a friend had made a late night stop for food, when ... according to sources close to Jamie ... someone attacked her friend.
Cops tell us Jamie's friend got clocked with a bottle. That's when Jamie went all "Saving Private Ryan" ... dragging her friend to safety. Our Spears sources say Jamie pulled her behind the sandwich counter -- then grabbed a long serrated bread knife and started waving it around to stop the fight.
We're told that did the job. Police showed up, but Jamie's friend didn't want to press charges ... so no one got arrested.
Jacked from TMZ  

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She looks like a hillybilly Jedi!

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