Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kim Kardashian Voted No.1 Adult Film Star of 2014

Top adult website reveals Kim Kardashian was the number one searched adult actor for 2014.
According to Pornhub’s 2014 stats (please don’t ask us how we found this information during office hours) Kim is one of the most popular adult actors of the year.
But the 33-year-old didn’t just get this glowing accolade though. Oh no, it turns out she’s the world’s number one porn star as searched for by women.
We bet Kanye will be chuffed about this.
Ever since THAT sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J leaked in 2007, Kim has struggled to get away from it. The video is still the highest ranking video in terms of views, with an impressive 93 million hits.
It’s not all bad though – Kim makes a pretty penny from the tape and will no doubt be rich for life just on royalties alone...
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Anonymous said...

That nasty lucky hoe

Anonymous said...

Nori going to be so proud of her mommy when she grows up... -_-

FiyahBlaze said...

Kim is a fuckin slore......didn't Ray J piss on that dirty bitch.........lmfao 😄😃😀yeah he did

Anonymous said...

@ 3:26 I was thinking the same thing. Do her parents realize one day that baby will grow up and have to deal with all the mess they did while seeking fame and attention?

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