Friday, January 16, 2015

Kris Jenner Furious Over Bruce Jenner Cover Story

Kris Jenner vows to cut ties with It Touch Magazine over their Bruce Jenner transsexual cover story.

In Touch magazine will soon find itself out of touch with the Kardashians.
The celeb glossy shocked this week with a controversial cover featuring a rendering of Bruce Jenner fully transformed as a pleasant-looking middle-aged woman, circa 1982.
Now, sources close to the Jenner and Kardashian families tell Confidenti@l they sure hope In Touch got a good laugh out of the Photoshopped mockup, because it’ll cost them access to team Kardashian in the new year.
“Kris (Jenner) has cut off contact with In Touch, Life & Style and all Bauer publications,” says a source close to the reality TV royals.
“They won’t get any ‘real’ quotes from the family, and will be banned from Kardashian-Jenner red carpets, events, premieres and fashion events,” we’re told.
Though Kris and Bruce Jenner officially ended their 23-year marriage in December, we’re told they’re all on the same page in protest.
“Kris is a powerhouse — you’d better believe she’ll stick to it,” we’re assured.
While a rep for Bauer declined to comment, a publishing insider says VIPs at the tabloid feel like their marriage to the Kardashians ended a long time ago.
“In Touch doesn’t care if the Kardashians don’t speak to them,” says our insider. “They felt betrayed anyway, that the family used them to get famous, then dumped them.”
Our insider also doubts that a lack of access to the Kardashians will stop In Touch from writing about them.
“You can do what you want when you buy a photo,” our source observed. “It’s unethical, but it’s done in women’s magazines every month. There won’t be backlash that they’ll care about. It’s positive for them. The readers find it amusing, it drives curious people to newsstands to buy, and it’s being talked about online.”
In short, that insider says In Touch readers are getting what they want.
Jacked from NY Daily News  


WTF???!!!!! said...

Her pimp ass is just mad b/c she didn't make any money off of this. She wants first dibs on exploiting her family. Nobody gives a damn if you ban them...the kardashian brand is dying. The world is sick of these witches, along with Kim's fake butt.

Anonymous said...

She is mad because Bruce's surgery came out better then hers

ThatBKChick said...

I'm with "WTF" ON THIS ONE! I am glad Bruce is showing how messed up this fucking family really is. In fact he's the only one who probably kept it real, thus, "coming out of the closet".

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