Friday, January 16, 2015

Nick Young Suspected of Cheating on Iggy Azlalea

Cheating rumors fly as LA Laker Nick Young is spotted on a date with a gaggle of girls with Iggy Azalea nowhere in sight.

Is Nick Young cheating? The Los Angeles Lakers player was snapped getting frisky with a girl on a night out as girlfriend Iggy Azalea is nowhere to be found.
Photos published on MailOnline show Nick Young "escorting" two women into their home on Saturday morning. At one point, he had his hand around one girl's waist as she cuddled up to him. The Los Angeles Lakers player was beaming when the whole scene played out.
"The Lakers star was hands on and attentive, holding the giggling girls by the waist as he ushered them inside in the early hours of Saturday morning," the Daily Mail said. "The trio had spent the evening partying at Los Angeles nightclub Hooray Henry's."
If it's true that Nick Young is cheating, he would be as coldblooded as they come as he herded the two girls into the blue 1962 Chevrolet Impala that Australian rapper Iggy Azalea gave her for Christmas. The two unidentified girls squeezed into the large front seat.
"As one girl reached out and held onto his arm, Nick responded by placing a friendly hand on her waist as he chatted to her pal. He then walked the girls, who were wearing figure-hugging black outfits, inside," the British tabloid said.
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WTF???!!!!! said...

This pseudo relationship was never believable. They had to put her with some black shmuck as part of her fake image. He's stupid and willing to be quiet and stand there like a prop. She looks like a total bitch. I'll be glad when her time is up, but she's white and can easily reinvent herself. That's what all these whiggers will do when they get tired of playing black...example miley cyrus.

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