Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Madonna Desperately Seeking Sean Penn

Aging pop star Madonna desperately pursuing her ex-husband Sean Penn despite his current relationship with Charlize Theron. 

Madonna has set her sights on a new man – ex-hubby Sean Penn!
Her Madgesty claims Sean is the “love of her life,” and she’s determined to get him back, sources told The National ENQUIRER. Now, the “Material Girl,” 56, is texting and calling the Oscar winner, 54, non-stop in a bid to squeeze out his current love, Charlize Theron, insiders are saying.
“Madonna told me she has everything she wants, but she needs a soul mate. She says Sean is her soul mate,’” said a friend. The two wed in August 1985 after awhirlwind romance, but their marriage was marred by claims of abuse and sexual bondage games gone wrong. They divorced in 1989.
Madonna went on to marry and divorce British director Guy Ritchie, while Sean wed and divorced actress Robin Wright. He’s been dating Oscar winner Charlize, 39, since December 2013. While Madonna has dated a string of younger men, her feelings for Sean reheated as she admired his charity work in Haiti and support of humanitarian causes, said an insider.
The friend added: “Madonna thinks Sean has ‘matured’ as a person, and that he’d be able to handle a mature relationship. “She said she’s had lots of relationships, some good, some pretty horrible, and she’s come to realize Sean is the love of her life. He’s never left her heart, and she says she needs to get him back before it’s too late.’”
Sean answers Madonna’s calls and texts “because he believes they have a true friendship,” the source added. “He doesn’t know she’s angling to reunite.” The insider divulged: “She told me, ‘One day he’ll realize that we’re soul mates and we’re destined to be together for whatever time we have left.’
“And it’s as if Madonna doesn’t care what Charlize thinks. She told me that Charlize may not like it, but she don’t really care. She thinks Charlize is a passing fancy for Sean. She says she’s the real thing – the one he’s supposed to be with.’”
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


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No matter what she does....she looks like an old witch!!

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Madonna needs to hang up the gloves already. She just comes across as ridiculous

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