Tuesday, January 6, 2015

OJ Pal Sheds Light on Khloe Kardashian Parentage

OJ Pal says Khloe Kardashian's father "could be anybody!"

It’s always been undeniable: Khloe Kardashian sticks out like a sore thumb alongside her sisters Kim and Kourtney. But after years of rumors about the true identity of her biological father, one man is now coming forward to say it is probably not Robert Kardashian. 
O.J. Simpson‘s best friend Tom Scotto opened up to RadarOnline.com exclusively about the former NFL star’s alleged secret fling with Kris Jenner — and why Khloe could be his daughter.
“First, it was like Kris was sleeping with everyone!” Scotto said in the explosive interview. “So you can never really know whose child it was!”
But, confirming The Juice and the reality star had an affair, he explained, “I can see a resemblance [between Khloe and O.J.]. Anybody can see the resemblance if they look close enough.”
Jenner and Simpson “were close,” Scotto revealed, but claims they slept together “only once or twice” because Jenner wasn’t his type.
“It wasn’t a relationship,” Scotto insisted. “It just kind of happened.”
For her part, Jenner has admitted to cheating on her attorney first husband, but laughed off rumors of the Simpson fling, saying, “Where do people dream this stuff up?” when asked about the claims.
Meanwhile, Simpson already considers one of the Kardashians his daughter — goddaughter Kim. Scotto claimed that Simpson has watched her progress from obscurity to superstardom with pride.
“He thought it was great that she’s doing well,” he revealed. “Of course he wants her to do well.”
But Scotto, who once met Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, says he doesn’t approve of the match.
“I don’t think anybody is a good match for Kim,” he said. “She meets a guy, marries them and divorces them, meets another, marries, and divorces. I wish them well, but I just don’t see the relationship. He’s a very jealous guy.”
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Steph said...

Her father is the 2nd one from the left.

WTF???!!!!! said...

She's had so much plastic surgery over the years, it's hard to tell who she really resembles. You'd literally have to compare her baby pics to somebody. Damn shame her mom was such a hoe.

Sunni said...

And she still looks like the hair dresser.

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