Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mia Farrow Has to Use Google to Find Pictures of Her Black Children

Mia Farrow had to Google to find a picture of her adopted Black daughter Quincy Farrow.

Mia Farrow Apparently Finds Family Pics by Googling ‘Mia Farrow & Her Black Children’
The actress tweeted a picture of her daughter Quincy Farrow without cropping out the search terms "mia farrow and her black children."

The actress and activist Mia Farrow has become known for her lively and informative Twitter feed in recent years.
But today, she sent out a tweet that implied she is not necessarily the savvy tech pro we thought she was.
She sent out a happy birthday wish to her daughter, Quincy Farrow, with a photo of the 21-year-old. The only issue: she forgot to crop it so that it didn’t have a search bar with the terms “mia farrow and her black children” up top: She deleted the tweet shortly after and replaced it with a new one, search bar cropped out.
Guess Ms. Farrow has as many problems storing family photos on her overloaded iPhone as the rest of us do.
UPDATE: Ms. Farrow has posted another tweet explaining the search terms. If the below is true, then it was a friend or associate who found the photo by Googling “mia farrow and her black children,” and not Ms. Farrow herself. @nickcarbone nah. I took the photo myself & posted it before. Then someone sent it to me & I didn't check source.
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Anonymous said...

a girl named quincy?

Anonymous said...

^^^It's uncommon, but I think it is a lovely name :)

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