Wednesday, January 21, 2015

John Travolta Explains 3am Gym Selfie with Fan

John Travolta explains selfie taken with an admiring fan at 3 am.

So about John Travolta's 3 AM gym visit… simple explanation – he does it all for his kids!
The 60-year-old actor explained his headline-making middle-of-the-night gym selfie with a male fan in a new interview with Access Hollywood.
"[I work out] for my health… as you get older, if you have kids that are young – I mean, my son's 4 and my daughter's 14. I should be really a grandfather, but I'm a father," John told Access at the Living Legend Aviation Awards on Friday. "They still want me to play with them at the level of a much younger man. So in order to stay healthy for them, that's what I do."
Jacked from Access Hollywood


Anonymous said...

1: Where his hair at?
2: Working out at 3am, lookin for a butt buddy huh? ��

Unknown said...

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