Monday, January 19, 2015

Taylor Swift a Bad Influence on Lorde?

Sources claim pop star Taylor Swift has been encouraging her underage pal Lorde to drink alcohol.
She’s only 18 years old, but that didn’t stop Lorde from sipping on rum and cokes after the Golden Globe Awards — and it’s all because of her BFF, Taylor Swift!
An eyewitness at HBO’s Golden Globes after party saw the 25-year-old pushing her underage bestie to drink, and when the gals headed over to the Weinstein Company’s party, the peer pressure continued. “Taylor was drinking rum and coke and then switched to Meiomi wine,” the source tells Star. “And she was feeding her rum and coke to Lorde!”
According to the insider, Taylor told the “Yellow Flicker Beat” singer she didn’t have to drink if she didn’t want to, but gushed that, “Rum is so good!” And once Lorde took a sip of the concoction, she ended up ordering one of her own!
The witness also notes that while Taylor was mixing her alcohol, she ate very little, even when a serve brought In n’ Out burgers to the table! “Everyone ate except Taylor,” the source claims. “She only picked at hers and barely ate any of it.”
Jacked from Star Magazine  


WTF???!!!!! said...

Taylor needs to grow the fuck up. That friendship won't end well. Lorde comes from a nice friendly country, New Zealand. Her green naive ass is a play thing for this munster. By the time it's all over, she'll be doing more than having a drink.

Anonymous said...

I know they're in "the industry" but, how is a 25yr old BFF with an 18yr old? That's like someone in or completing grad school befriending a freshman... O_o Mentor or guide- yes. Friend...? They are in the same field but how do they relate outside of that?

Taylor is an odd woman.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe Taylor is an emotionally immature, sexual predator who deliberately seeks out younger girls because she feels they're easier to manipulate, and also because she refuses to grow the fuck up. She's an odd duck, and she should thank her lucky stars that she has the wealth and the privilege and the protection from the higher-ups to be as dysfunctional as she pleases.

9:55 said...

10:07, you called it.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Lorde is lying about her age and is older than 18. They are both gay and adults so why is this a story?

signwithclass said...

Hell yeah she's lying about her age. Remind me of that Bad Boys II scene when they confront Marcus' daughter's date. "Nigga, you look 30."

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