Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bruce Jenner Hits Balls From the Women's Tee

Avid golfer and transitioning female Bruce Jenner already using the women's tee at the golf course.

Read more at Bruce Jenner has already painted his nails, grown out his hair and revealed that he's transitioning from a man to a woman, so it's about time he swung his club from the ladies' tee!
On Friday afternoon the 65-year-old reality TV star hit the golf course in Los Angeles all by himself, and he kept his long locks tied up in a ponytail and covered up his taut face with a hat and shades. So chic! But as far as his attire, he's still dressing like a frumpy dad -- can one of his daughters possibly help him out with this?
Our photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively, "Bruce walked up to the ladies' tee without any hesitation. We've seen Bruce play this course a number of times before, but he's always used the men's tee -- he's a very skilled golfer, so it was pretty funny to see him start from the easier one." We're happy to hear that he's taking a few more steps towards life as a lady -- hopefully none of the other gals will be jealous of his swing!
Bruce will be talking about his transition to a female on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, his yet-to-be-titled new reality show, and of course, Diane Sawyer's special, which is set to air in May. Can't wait to hear him share his story!
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WTF???!!!!! said...

He just killed someone in a traffic accident, but he's out enjoying a game of golf. These people are demonic.

Anonymous said...

Truly sad....smh...

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