Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Diplo Rips Off Graphic Artist Goes on Abusive Rant

Diplo flips out after ripping off graphic artist Rebeca Mock.
Diplo is at it again! Artist Rebecca Mock, who is paid in actual money by major brands, magazines and websites and known for her beautiful animated paintings (check them out, they're amazing), noticed yesterday that Diplo had ripped off one of her gifs (tl;dr note: the gifs in question are animated versions of her original artwork) as promo artwork for an unfinished song on his Instagram. 
Apparently unaware that artists can't feed themselves and pay rent with Instagram "credit", Diplo thought that giving her credit for her work was enough for him to use it without permission.
Living up to his asshole reputation, he began to lash out at Mock and her supporters with an idiotic and gross rant:

Jacked from Oh No They Didn't  

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