Tuesday, February 3, 2015

John Travolta Regularly Trolls the Gym for Men?

Another man comes forward claiming John Travolta approached at the gym late at night.

NAUGHTY GOSSIP thought it was strange that John Travolta introduced himself to a male stranger at the gym – at three in the morning, and now more stories are emerging
Turns out this young man is not the first late-night gent Travolta has befriended at the gym. Reddit user “Deweyredman” wrote “Happened to me too a while back…super nice guy.”
“It was a warm summer night in the year 2000,” another Reddit user wrote. “Although the 24-Fitness Sport in Santa Monica, CA is certainly the busiest gym I’ve ever seen, it was normally as empty as the streets at 3am. On this particular night, however, I wasn’t alone.” Adding that Travolta followed him around the gym as he worked out.
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'Why is this happening to me? I'm VINNIE Barbarino....'

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