Friday, March 27, 2015

Beyonce on Board for Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born?

Beyonce rumored to be starring opposite Bradley Cooper in the remake of A Star is Born.

The singer has been linked to the role since 2011, as production has been delayed.
Bradley Cooper is making his directorial debut behind a remake of the 1954 showbiz drama A Star Is Born, and reports say he wants Beyoncé to star alongside him.
Yesterday (March 24), Deadline Hollywood reported that Warner Bros. is negotiating with Bradley Cooper to direct and star in the reworked classic. “Once his deal is done, their first stop will be to Beyonce,” Deadline writes.
From Austin Powers in Goldmember to The Pink Panther to this? It would be quite a jump for Beyoncé, but then again, it’s been roughly a decade since those roles, and her recent music-focused films (like her 2013 HBO doc, Life Is But a Dream) have been quite personal and deep. As Bey winds down the wildly successful promotion cycle behind her self-titled 2013 album, this could be yet another savvy move from the singer.
As for a timetable, Cooper is expected to begin focusing on the film once he completes his role onstage in The Elephant Man. After transferring from Broadway, the show’s 12-week run begins May 19.
But regarding A Star Is Born, nothing is set in stone yet, as Deadline notes Beyoncé has not yet been approached formally.
Jacked from Rolling Stone


Anonymous said...

She was also in Dream Girls and that movie with Idris Elba and Camen (Hip Hopera) Why try to down play her work as an "actress"

Anonymous said...

No Bradley Run!!!!!! I wish someone will just give this tramp and damn Oscar (like they do with grammys) so she can just go the hell away. Bradley, separate yourself.

Anonymous said...

Too old!

WTF???!!!!! said...

Why???? I thought this bullshit with her in the lead had been scrapped. Wasn't Clint Eastwood to direct this remake? He must have dementia fa real. A star is born is a classic. Like she can come behind Barbra Streisand and play that iconic part? It will take a seasoned actress, with great acting range. You can't just shake your ass and sing. I will not be watching this shit. Her beyondfakeness cannot act worth a damn. Dreamgirls worked for her cos it was a musical. Hollywood takes the classics and fucks them all up.

Anonymous said...

This fraud's singing is mediocre and her 'dancing' is no different than strippers. To have this hoodrat with her non English speaking ass in this film will be a travesty. She needs to stay in her land. Obviously, she is still pressed over dreamgirls. Thought it would be all about her per the usual. Guess she doesn't have enough money to buy out the Academy.

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