Thursday, March 26, 2015

Iggy Azalea Ghost Writer Comes Forward

Inglewood rapper Skeme admits 'having something to do' with Iggy's verses on 'Fancy.'

It’s widely known that ghostwriting in rap exists, but it’s something that’s rarely talked about. After all, the nature of the arrangement is that the pen behind the face on the mic is meant to remain anonymous. But we may have just gotten a glimpse into who’s responsible for one of the biggest hits of the last year.
Since her breakout in 2014, Iggy Azalea has faced accusations that she uses ghostwriters for her songs. During her BET Awards acceptance speech, Nicki Minaj emphasized that she writes her own lyrics — which many took as a slight at Iggy, though Nicki stressed that wasn’t the case. T.I. was even asked about it directly, and denied that he had any part in writing her words.
But Skeme isn’t quite as absolute.
During an interview on Shade 45′s “Sway in the Morning” radio show, the Inglewood, California rapper hinted at the fact that he played a role in writing “Fancy.”
Things started off when MTV’s own Sway Calloway told Skeme that he had heard he wrote a song, by a female artist, that became one of the biggest radio hits of 2014.
“Maybe,” Skeme said with a smile.
At that point, Sway decided to get direct: “I heard you wrote ‘Fancy.’”
“Yeah, we had something to do with it; a lot of push,” the 26-year-old MC said. “We put trust funds up for that song. So, shoutout to that song.”
He said, though, that he didn’t write the hook, which is sung by Charli XCX. “That’s that part I didn’t have nothing to do with,” he clarified.
“Fancy” isn’t the first collaborative effort from Skeme and Iggy. In 2013, Skeme featured her on “High Levels,” off of his Ingleworld mixtape.
Now, he’s getting ready to drop the follow up, Ingleworld 2, hosted by DJ Drama, which drops on Apr. 28.
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Anonymous said...

charli xcx's hook is what made the song, anyway. if it'd just been iggy "rapping"(and i use that word loosely), it would've flopped like the other songs she put out.

Anonymous said...

Damn when it rains it pours! Her downfall might be the quickest one I've seen yet in the music industry! Just as soon as she got on she started to crack and fall apart now everyone is coming for her and spilling the Tea and to be honest I could care less! This is what happens to fakes, frauds, and phonies sooner or later you get exposed and it all comes crashing down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So we can blame this nigga for that wack ass song (at least, lyrically)?

WTF???!!!!! said...

If she had of been humble and came correct, instead of rambling how she's a runaway slave master and shit.....people may have given her a chance. She could've rapped about what she knows, instead of trying to be something she clearly wasn't and defended it with all of her arrogance. Whitey wanted to label her Queen of hip/hop and that just hurried her demise right along. We need to blame T.l. snitchin ass for all of this crap. She's so frazzled now, that she delayed her tour.

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