Thursday, March 26, 2015

Britney Spears Secretly Battled Pill Addiction?

Insiders claim Britney Spears spent part of last year in rehab for an addiction to prescription pills.

We never would have suspected anything!
Britney Spears secretly check-in to a rehab facility late last year to fight her addiction to prescription pills, Star reports. The pop princess used the alias "Jessica" to admit herself to the Summit Malibu treatment center at the urging of her conservator father.
"Her dad [Jamie Spears] forced her into rehab because she was [misusing] a drug called Vyvanse. She said she’d initially been prescribed it for ADHD but that she’d severely upped the dosage,” a source who was also reportedly being treated at Summit told the mag.
The "Toxic" songstress claimed she used the medication to keep her energy up and give her a boost for her Vegas concert residency. The mother-of-two went to great lengths to keep her stay a secret, and even ventured out on Sundays to keep up appearances. "[Britney] made sure to go out in public and keep her social media accounts alive with photos and updates on her love life," the source added.
We checked our archives, and it is mighty suspicious that we don't have a single picture of Brit Brit from last December. We caught her in late November, and then the next time we saw her was in January. This seems to add some validity to the rumors!
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Anonymous said...

i'm sure britney's battled all sorts of addictions throughout her career, it's just that when she was on top and selling albums her people did a better job at keeping it under wraps so as not to tarnish her image.

FiyahBlaze said...

It was no fuckin secret......we all saw that shit play out on tv

WTF???!!!!! said...

Thank you!!! @ FIYAH

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