Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Drake Behaving Badly Down Under

Drake pisses off Australian celebrity Nick Giannopoulous who unleashed an angry rant about his experience with the rapper on Facebook.
WOG Boys star Nick Giannopoulos has explained his social media rant against Canadian hip hop star Drake. Websites picked up on his Facebook post which said Drake’s security demanded Giannopoulos move from where he was standing, outside the Trak club in Toorak, to make way for the rapper.
Giannopoulos told his 76,000 followers: “Did I [move]? F--- no. Hey mate this is a public street in Australia and the last time I checked I was still free to stand wherever the f--- I want.”
Giannopoulos, who is a Drake fan, said he was waiting outside the club on Sunday trying to catch a cab after seeing him perform at Future Music Festival that day.
He told Confidential: “Drake’s private security came over and told me to move. I told them it was a public street and I didn’t have to do anything. There was plenty of room for Drake to walk around me.
“I was so p---ed off. I thought: ‘You’re in my country, mate. Brush up on our laws before you start harassing Australian citizens on their own streets.’”
Jacked from The Herald Sun  

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Anonymous said...

Private security can be real jerks without the hiring celebrity even knowing it. They get so used to bossing fans around they forget their manners.

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