Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gigi Hadid Caught Snorting Cocaine?

Model Gigi Hadid appears to have been caught on Cody Simpson's Snapchat snorting lines of cocaine.
Supermodel Gigi Hadid possibly videotaped snorting a line of cocaine while at an event for Victoria Secret in Cody Simpson’s Snapchat story. Do YOU think Gigi was really snorting blow?!

Jacked from Ocean Up  


Anonymous said...

Brandi is going to throw this in Yolanda's face..I feel bad for Yolanda because she seems like a good mother but her girls have sone issues.

Anonymous said...

A model snorting coke...ooh! Shocking! #sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Can't see any white stuff, it's hard to tell what she's doing. Plus, I'd find it hard to believe she would do it in front of the guy holding a camera... But you never know

Anonymous said...

why do people assume the worst. looks like she's either licking the crumbs off the table or taking a nap to me o_O

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