Friday, March 13, 2015

Johnny Depp Terrified New Wife Will Leave Him for a Woman

Johnny Depp lives in constant fear that his openly bi-sexual new wife will leave him for a woman.

Talk about LeZ Miserables! Newlywed JOHNNY DEPP’s in the depths of a lesbian NIGHTMARE: Incredibly, the studly 51-year-old star’s fighting an unreasoning, but very deep-rooted fear that super-hot new bride AMBER HEARD – who’s made NO secret of her bisexual past – might suddenly be lured from their marriage bed permanently … by another HOT BABE!
Said a Depp pal: “Johnny’s deep love for Amber’s turned him into a shaking victim of his fears – he’s actually terrified he’ll lose her to another woman. Johnny’s nuts about Amber and just can’t face his hunch that some woman might come between them. Amber – literally stunned when Johnny admitted his fears – immediately vowed she’ll stay true and not let anyone, male OR female, get in the way of their marriage!”
Amber also pledged that – even though she’s kissed girls and liked it – she will NEVER, EVER (as TV’s ANDY COHEN puts it) “dip into the lady pond” again!
Stay tuned.
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

oh, please! they're probably swingers and have 3-ways. her being bi is probably one of the reasons he married her, other than the fact she's young enough to be his daughter.

Johnny Depp succedded in killing every last hotness said...

The fact that he's now headed into the Keith Richards looks department, I would not be surprised. even though he's a great actor
word on the street he's a alki and does drugs, so on top of killing his hot, drugs and alki. Stevie Wonder can see this coming.

Anonymous said...

Amber is not giving up pu$$ for Johnny. As far as I'm aware her last three relationships before Depp were with women. However Amber is ambitious as hell but with limited acting talent. So she landed a massive movie star who is loaded. I guess would be the next best thing for her. I've heard she has women on the side, and Depp is too drunk to do anything about it. A mess

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