Friday, March 13, 2015

Margot Robbie and Will Smith Chemistry Upsetting to wife Jada?

Jada Pinkett-Smith finds the chemistry between husband Will Smith and his co-star Margot Robbie troubling.

Should Jada Pinkett-Smith be worried about Will Smith’s relationship with Focus co-starMargot Robbie? It appears so!
The two have had tongues wagging ever since their racy impromptu photo shoot last year in New Orleans, in which the two seemed to be having a bit too much fun while in a photo booth. Photos were released showing both Will and Margot pulling their shirts up and seemingly smitten with one another.
While Jada may look calm and collected on the outside, don’t be fooled! A source tells exclusively, “Jada’s furious. She’s seen them on the red carpet together—they’re all over each other.”
And Will’s recent comments about Margot are not helping matters. “You can’t create chemistry,” he told the press about his co-star. "[Ours] was pretty instantaneous. She’s fantastic!” Probably not the type of comments a wife wants to hear.
Even worse? The two are going to be co-staring again, in another film which starts filming next month! “Jada’s dreading it,” our source reveals.
Jacked from OK Magazine  


WTF???!!!!! said...

Will Smith looks fruitier every day. So sick of him and his manly wife, trying to convince the masses they're not gay. Their kids are a reflection of both their dysfunctional asses. Isn't willow supposed to leap out the closet here real soon? I heard she was just waiting for the right time. And their words.

NBA is fixed said...

Fake story! Everybody knows scientology Will Smith likes to get butt plucked! He is just as gay as Lee Daniels.

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