Monday, March 2, 2015

Kendall and Kylie Furious with Kim for Stealing Fashion Week Shine

Kendall and Kylie Jenner furious with sister Kim Kardashian for overshadowing their New York Fashion Week debut with her antics.

Beyonce rolled her eyes. Anna Wintour sneered. Even the models were distracted. But as Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North, threw a full-blown tantrum from the front row of dad Kanye West’s fashion show — starring Kim’s little sis Kylie Jenner — the reality star mom looked not only calm…but downright smug. Her plan to soak up all the attention was working.
After begging their big sis to steer clear of Fashion Week, lest she steal the spotlight, catwalkers Kendall and Kylie are livid that Kim not only turned up at their shows, but brought her toddler daughter, as well.
“Kylie was so annoyed,” said a friend. “Being in Kanye’s show was a big deal to her because she hadn’t done much modeling of this type, but everyone was only interested in North and Kim — not her.”
Kendall, who was tapped to star in the Alexander Wang runway show, falsely believed that Kim wouldn’t dare pull such a stunt after she specifically asked her not to attend. But when Kendall hit the runway for her big moment, she was livid to see Kim — and North — sitting front and center. “Kendall couldn’t believe she’d show her face and bring North after she ruined Kylie’s debut at Kanye’s show,” the pal explained. “It was a complete disaster and a total embarrassment.”
It seemed to be a nightmare for North, too. Loud, chaotic and crowded, Fashion Week is no place for a baby on the verge of her terrible twos. But it seems Kim was willing to risk her daughter’s comfort just to stick it to her little sisters. “Kendall and Kylie are so embarrassed and hurt by Kim — they know she was just using poor North against them for attention,” the source adds. “And clearly, it worked. The whole fiasco because the talk of New York Fashion Week, and the girls feel like they’re being overshadowed by their big sister.”
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