Monday, March 2, 2015

Tom Cruise Grooming Sam Smith for Acting Career

Actor Tom Cruise grooming Grammy winning singer Sam Smith for a film career as an action hero.
Grammy-winning singer Sam Smith has reportedly attracted the attention of Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who wants to groom him for a big-screen role.
According to a source, Cruise believes that Smith can play varied roles from action movies to musicals, reports
"Tom's offered to take Sam under his wing. He was intrigued to learn that Sam started off as an actor and he thinks he could be a natural for everything from action movies to musicals," the source said.
Smith, 22, who won four Grammys and two Brit awards last month, played the lead role in an amateur production of "The Rocky Horror Show" as a teenager. He was also seen in "West End".
He is said to be "extremely flattered" by Cruise's interest, according to friends and colleagues, who also say he is "very receptive" towards the idea of working with him on a film.
Jacked from Yahoo News


Anonymous said...

"Grooming?" Is that what we're calling it now?

Anonymous said...

More like Tom wants to get all up inside that A$$

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