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Charlie Sheen Accused of Brutally Assaulting Ex-Fiancé

Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancée accuses the volatile actor of physically abusing her throughout their relationship.

CHARLIE SHEEN’s former fiancée is revealing the horrific injuries she claims the former “Two and a Half Men” star inflicted on her during a series of brutal and bloody arguments.
Adult film star Scottine Rossi – who changed her name to Scottine Sheen – split suddenly from Charlie last October in a bitter breakup after a whirlwind 11 months of sharing his multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif.
The harrowing truth about their romance has been kept hush-hush – until now – and includes appalling allegations that Charlie kicked his lover when she was pregnant, and later forced her to undergo an abortion.
Charlie, 49, allegedly “strangled and choked” Scottine on multiple occasions, and made chilling threats to kill her.
“Do you want to live to see tomorrow?” serial batterer Charlie is said to have raged at Scottine, according to one witness who stepped forward to The National ENQUIRER.
Scottine, 25, is now threatening to slap the bad boy star with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, according to informed sources – unless he secures her silence with an out-of-court settlement.
These exclusive photos provided to The ENQUIRER will be presented as explosive evidence in Scottine’s legal case, and show the aftermath of a violent knock-down, drag-out assault, said the insider.
In the alleged battering that occurred on May 31 last year, the horndog sitcom star is said to have throttled Scottine, leaving her with “bruising along her neck, a torn shirt and tears running down her face,” according to the whistle-blower.
Scottine has “finally found the courage to hire a lawyer and plans to sue Charlie for the emotional distress she’s suffered,” said a Hollywood source.
“Charlie was both verbally and physically abusive to the point where Scottine would hide in the security room at his home, cowering in a ball, crying about his abusiveness.
“She’d also hide in guest rooms, crying for fear of her life.”
According to a source, the Hollywood hell-raiser – who has a shocking two-decade history of violence against women – blew up after his final appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
“They were fighting on the way home about Scottine’s ex-husband,” said the source.
“They stopped at a friend’s house and Charlie backed her into a corner, demanding her ex’s number.
“When she refused to tell him, Charlie assaulted her. He threw a coffee table across the room. He then attacked her again as she was curled in a ball in the corner.”
The ENQUIRER confronted Charlie’s representatives with the astonishing allegations – and his team provided a vastly different version of events.
“Mr. Sheen never kicked Ms. Rossi when she was pregant, never strangled and choked her and never made threats to kill her,” his lawyer said.
What’s more, a source close to Charlie said it was Scottine who attempted to assault the star on at least two occasions – “whilst she was extremely intoxicated and went into a jealous rage.”
“Charlie was forced to restrain her on one occasion and he prevented her from hurting him or herself,” the insider said.
Added the source: “These allegations have only surfaced since Charlie started dating other women after their breakup. She is jealous. Friends have told Charlie that Scottine is his ‘Fatal Attraction.’ ”
The porn star lived with Charlie until he called off their engagement in mid-October.
“She’s a terrific gal,” Charlie insisted of Scottine at the time. “We’ve mutually decided to go our separate ways and to not spend the rest of our lives together.”
It would have been the fourth marriage for the former “Anger Management” actor. He was wed to model Donna Peele from 1995 to 1996, to actress Denise Richards from 2002 to 2006, and to Brooke Mueller from 2008 to 2011. He and Denise have two daughters, Sam, 11, and Lola, 9. He also has 6-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, with Brooke, and an adult daughter, 30, with a high school girlfriend.
Charlie’s stunning baby secret with Scottine was never publicly confirmed. However, sources told The ENQUIRER she was pregnant between January and March 2014.
“Charlie never wanted the baby,” revealed a source close to Scottine. “At one point, he threatened Scottine while she was pregnant, saying, ‘It’s me or the baby. If you choose the baby, I will kick you to the curb and leave you homeless with nothing.’ ”
Tragically, the pair learned during the pregnancy that their unborn child had developed an irregular heartbeat. According to a source, at that point, Charlie callously told Scottine: “I don’t want you to give birth.”
Said the insider: “He forced Scottine to have an abortion.”
“When they fought, Charlie would continuously yell at her, saying, ‘You are not a parent, you don’t know s---.’ But in reality, it was Scottine who encouraged him to have a relationship with his own children,” added the source. After each fight, a remorseful Charlie sent floral arrangements “begging for her forgiveness,” and blaming alcohol and drugs for his fits of violent anger.
Said a source: “There were many incidents when Scottine wanted to run, but like every victim of domestic violence, she feared for her life, which also made her not want to call the police.
“She spent many late nights crying and debating if she should stay or go.”
Sadly, said one pal, Scottine began taking pills to sedate herself.
In November, she was hospitalized following an apparent overdose after being found unresponsive at her home by a friend.
“Her relationship with Charlie was more twisted than anyone knew,” said the source. “It was crazy and it affected her tremendously.”
When asked to comment, a rep for Scottine declined, saying: “She chooses to remain silent on her personal life.”
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In America, white people (Charlie Sheen) are innocent until proven guilty. Black people (Chad Ochocinco) are guilty until proven innocent.

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True @NBA is's funny if Charlie Sheen was a black man, he would have never been able to act this way, they would have locked him up & thrown away the key!! Not condoning what he did, but look at Chris incident and he can't seem to live it down, while Charlie (because of his family & Hollywood connections) can continue to abuse women, drugs, etc with no impunity!! Double standard...most definitely!!

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