Friday, April 3, 2015

Friends Fear Rob Kardashian Going of the Rails

Insiders fear Rob Kardashian is reaching a breaking point as he continues of spiral out of control.

Unlike the rest of his family, Rob Kardashian hasn’t benefitted from his family name.
Friends say that his family’s success is actually the reason his life is spiraling out of control. Now maxing out at 350 pounds, Rob has had a massive falling out with his family that has left him isolated from the world and Star has all the tragic details.
“Rob is in a very dark place right now,” an insider tells Star. “It’s never been this bad before.”
According to the source, Rob’s relationship with his family reached a breaking point when his sister Kim announced her plans to stage a televised intervention to help him.
“Kim came down hard on him and told him to quit embarrassing them, to get a life and a job already,” the insider says.
The 28-year-old reality star is also fuming over his mother, Kris Jenner, for using their family like a business, the source says.
“He’s so sick of playing her games — that’s why he’s trying to get away from his family.”
Meanwhile, “He’s become a loose cannon …” the insider says. “He’s in really bad shape.”
Now, friends fear for the worst as Rob has gone into hiding, living off the radar from his loved ones and consoling himself with his unhealthy lifestyle.
“He seriously needs help but refuses to admit it, and no one knows what to do about him anymore,” the insider says.
Jacked from Star Magazine  

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