Monday, April 6, 2015

Chet Haze Goes Off on Wendy Williams

After verbally assaulting Howard Stern for mocking his gangsta rap career Chet Haze turns his sights on Wendy Williams.

Tom Hanks’ rapper son Chet Haze slammed Wendy Williams on Twitter after the daytime talk show host called him a “cornball” on Wednesday’s show. During the “Hot Topics” section of her show, Williams addressed the feud between Haze and Howard Stern, on which Gossip Cop previously reported.
“This story has a visual that will have you gagging,” said Williams. “OK, now look. Howard Stern is in this nasty feud with Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Haze.” She then pointed to a picture of the rapper, saying, “That’s Chet and he looks hazed. Actually, he just got out of rehab, so I guess he’s not hazy anymore.”
Williams went on to say that Haze has a “hood affectation,” even though he grew up in Beverly Hills and comes from a wealthy family. The talk show host then played a video of Haze who introduces himself to a camera he’s holding as “white chocolate.”
“You can’t be serious with this,” said Williams. “B Rad from Malibu’s Most Wanted was a character that Jamie Kennedy plays. He’s not a real person Chet, you cornball.” She continued saying that people, who actually live in the hood, “are dying to get to Beverly Hills and live the privileged life,” while Haze is trying to make fun of the hood. “You are a cornball,” said Williams again.
The 24-year-old rapper responded to Williams’ comments by posting a photo of Shaqwearing a blonde wig, with the caption, “Just found this picture of @WendyWilliams.” See the photo Chet posted below, and tell us what you think of Haze and Williams’ feud.

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Anonymous said...

He. Is. A. Cornball.
And. A. Complete. Wannabe...
Nothing more.

WTF???!!!!! said...

His Father is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and the golden boy of tinsel town.....and his son aspires to be a whigger. You fucked up Tom! and probably embarrassed as hell of your offspring. Should've put your family ahead of your damn career. This shit is laughable and sad at the same time. Dude is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has endless opportunities laid at his feet...but he want's to be white chocolate.

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