Monday, April 6, 2015

Kylie Jenner Sports Black Face?

Kylie Jenner raises eyebrows with darkskin pics on Instagram claiming it what she wished she REALLY looked like.

Jacked from Instagram


Anonymous said...

She needs a whole complete ass whoopin for this shit here. Sucking black peen gives you NO RIGHT to mock the NUBIA QUEEN.

NBA is fixed said...

Sit back and watch the number of sambo black celebrities defend this racist ugly bitch! Honoring and upholding white supremacy is something black celebrities love to do.

Anonymous said...

kris jenner probably put kylie up to doing that in an effort to generate "controversy" and yet more publicity for her already overexposed harem of harlots. i'm too busy *smh* at the levels of utter THIRST this family has to stay in the spotlight at all costs to even be offended. they're just too pathetic for me to dredge up more than a sneer and an eye roll at their publicity-hungry antics.

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