Monday, April 13, 2015

Jessica Simpson Abusing Prescription Drugs to Lose Weight?

Jessica Simpson's pals convinced the star is headed for an Adderall overdose because of her obsessive desire to lose weight.

JESSICA SIMPSON’s obsession with losing weight has friends fearing she’s headed for an overdose – because she depends on booze and pills to keep the pounds off, The National ENQUIRER has learned.
“It’s turned into a full blown crisis,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “There’s real fear she’s sliding down a slippery slope if she can’t curtail this dangerous behavior.”
The singer and ex-reality show star is also “on the verge of a collapse,” according to the source, because she hasn’t recovered from her drastic 70-pound weight loss following the 2013 birth of her second child, son Ace. She also has a 2-year-old daughter, Maxwell, with husband Eric Johnson.
“While she once claimed her ‘target weight’ was 110 pounds, she’s actually down to 92 or 93 pounds and can’t seem to stop dieting,” added the source.
Jessica raised eyebrows with a rambling, slurred interview at a March 14 Teen Vogue event in New York. Now a published report has identified Adderall – a drug intended to treat ADHD – as a substance Jessica was abusing to lose weight.
A medical expert told The ENQUIRER the friends’ fears are well-founded. The star – who started a $1 billion fashion line – could suffer an overdose if she keeps mixing booze and pills.
“Combining a stimulant like Adderall with alcohol is like lighting a match near an open gas line,” said Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated Jessica. “It’s especially dangerous and dramatically increases the chance of a deadly overdose.”
The expert warned that Jessica could also be in danger of brain hemorrhage, kidney failure, muscle breakdown or psychosis.
“Jessica has so much going for her,” added the source, “but she’s going to throw it all away if she can’t break this booze-and-pills diet habit!”
Jacked from The National Enquirer

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